Who is Responsible for Employee Engagement?

I just read an article by By Todd Nordstrom, on questioning the value of the 40 hour work week. One part resonated strongly with my own research. Todd states: Engagement is a choice of the employee. It means they give their discretionary effort. You can’t force it…focus on providing the best employee experience possible that makes them want to choose to engage in their work.

In two personal interviews with CEOs of large healthcare systems both explained to me how they approached employee engagement. They did NOT demand it. Low engagement was never blamed on the employees. They put the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of leaders and managers. In fact, personal performance of leaders and managers was graded in part, by the engagement levels of their subordinates. If engagement scores were habitually low, as in below the 25th percentile nationally, they were either removed or their work units received a thorough assessment to understand why. If engagement scores were in the middle 50%, managers were typically assigned a coach. One CEO required that this group receive two performance reviews each year.

The result, the highest levels of employee engagement consistently. One has achieved this distinction for 13 consecutive years. If it is true, that the number one reason why workers leave their employer is a bad boss, then it is time bosses accept responsibility for NON-engagement or active DIS-engagement of employees.

See Todd’s full article at: https://www.inc.com/todd-nordstrom/research-suggests-companies-are-wrong-about-8-hour-workday-heres-how-to-prepare-for-flexible-schedules.html, published November 14, 2019

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