About the Book

Human flourishing in the workplace

Designing Your Culture

What would it mean to you, to have an organizational culture characterized by:

  1. Bold and courageous employees?
  2. Where employees are fully engaged with their work and your mission?
  3. Of employees collaborating every day to innovate and create new customer value?
  4. Where employees are flourishing, growing, and developing into self-confident and self-empowered people?


If you answered yes to these questions, and let’s face it, we all should, but you are wondering how to get there. This book will show you the way. Why do I know this, because this book is full of stories and personal interviews of key leaders and organizations that have done just this? They have created cultures of high-impact, where employees are bold in their thinking and free to innovate, collaborate, and high employee engagement. However, I am not offering a program, but a radically different, even revolutionary way of looking at leadership.

Using the Baldrige framework we know that hardwired systems drive results. However, it was not until I read Leveraging The Genetics of Leadership did I consider leadership as a system that would drive organizational engagement results. My goal after reading this book will be to build an elite and exceptional experience for every employee on my team. Dan’s book is a must-read for my entire leadership team.

Susan Stuart, CEO CORE. Org

Its Time to Rethink Leadership

You’ve likely read other books on leadership Most of them treat great leadership as a set of laws and personal attributes of individuals. The message is that leadership is about developing loyal followers. This book is about reinventing leadership.

Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership radically innovates this understanding. Great leadership becomes a system of leadership that creates a great experience for the workforce. The power in this approach is that only a system of leadership can scale vision, values, and a consistent employee experience across the enterprise. Only a system of leadership can create a workforce engaged in creating extraordinary value for all stakeholders. The result is the unparalleled organizational performance that makes customers line up at your door

Learn How Elite Organizations are Designing Leadership Systems to:

  • Engage their entire workforce in creating customer value.
  • Create a safe employee experience, whether it be psychological safety, physical safety, or both.
  • Create a workforce that feels empowered to innovate, creating, design, and transform.
  • Ignite human dignity.

Traditional books on leadership strive to create courageous leaders who will attract followers. Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership will show you how to create a courageous workforce who will attract customers. The result is unparalleled performance and a workforce that grows into confident and empowered human beings. It all begins when you learn how to leverage the genetics of a leadership system

“I have experienced the power of what Dan describes as a leadership system – focusing your efforts as a leader on developing and creating value versus managing/controlling, tapping into every person’s wisdom and knowledge, and using failure to learn. Dan’s book ultimately serves as an inspiration combined with offering practical advice for leaders who want to create a high-performing organization.”

Sarah Patterson, Executive Director, Virginia Mason Institute
Seattle, Washington
Daniel B Edds, MBA
Daniel B Edds, MBA

Daniel Edds has been a management consultant for twenty-five years. His clients include states, cities, counties, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits. He holds an MBA in International Business from the Alber’s School of Business and Economics at Seattle University. Dan is a Kaplan Norton in Scorecard graduate, certified Lean practitioner, an experienced Project Manager Professional, and a senior Baldrige Examiner through the Alliance program.
As the author of Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership and Transformation Management, he is recognized internationally for his expertise in applying classical systems thinking to the practice of organizational leadership.
He lives in Bellevue, Washington and serves on several nonprofit boards. He also volunteers at the Monroe Correctional Facility, assisting incarcerated men in their personal transformation