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You will find no one more passionate about leadership and culture and Dan Edds. After twenty-five years in management consulting, working with hundreds of organizations, he is seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of leadership. He has seen what great cultures look like, and what toxic cultures look like.

Dan’s groundbreaking work into leadership as an organizational system that can transform the workplace AND create unparalleled customer value has gained him international recognization.

He is so passionate about helping organizations design their cultures and systems of leadership, that he is focusing the rest of his career on this mission.

What Others Are Saying

I was struck by how knowledgeable he (Dan) was about his subject, but also how passionate. He deeply cares about people, about leaders, and about making leadership systems work.

Jeannie Nash

I have experienced the power of what Dan describes as a leadership system—focusing your efforts as a leader on developing and creating value versus managing/controlling, tapping into every person’s wisdom and knowledge, and using failure to learn.

Sara Patterson, Executive Director, Virginia Mason Institute, Seattle, Washington

If leadership is a system, engaged in relationships with other systems to create a high-performing, purposeful whole, it means that anybody with integrity and a reasonable level of emotional intelligence can learn how to lead.

Gerald Midgley, Professor of Systems Thinking, Centre for Systems Studies, Business School, University of Hull, UK and 2013-2014 President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences

Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership is revolutionary. It shifts our paradigm from looking at leadership as a discrete personal choice to leadership as a system that can be understood and designed to give the desired output for any organization. What reading this book has done for me is to articulate how organizations can harness leadership, consistently and continuously, by looking at it as a system.

Elekanyani Ndlovu – Energy Sector Senior Executive, Professional Electrical Engineer (Pr. Eng), Non Executive Director, Entrepreneur, Systems and Design Thinker – Johannesburg, South Africa

About Keynote Speaking

A quick story of how I began my journey into the revolutionary approach to leadership that is transforming the world of work while also delivering unmatched customer value.

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