Culture Assessment

Assessing the Organizational Culture

You Cannot Improve the Culture if You Cannot Measure It

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If you take care of the culture, results will take care of themselves.

McHale, Siobhan. The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change

Culture assessment represents the single greatest opportunity to drive value, transform the workplace, differentiate yourself from the competition, and secure the future. There is no single management theory, framework, or philosophy as powerful as getting the right culture.

So let’s measure it!

Our Culture Assessment Has Two Parts

How to assess organizational culture

  1. Quantitative Assessment

    Recognized both nationally and internationally, our organizational needs inventory is one of the oldest, most respected, and accurate needs assessment in the industry. It provides hard data of three major segments, 1) organizational structure, 2) predominant leadership style, and 3) organizational culture.

  2. Qualitative Assessment

    We believe that numbers can tell us a lot, but stories from the front line can bring clarity, meaning, and impact. Through a serious of focused workshops we bring “voice” to the front line workers who meet with customer, deliver the value, and experience the culture day in and day out.

We’ve Assessed Our Culture, Now What

We work with clients to develop the leadership system that will drive the formation of a high-impact, and transformative culture. To find out more, click HERE.