Virtual Leadership Event

People development

Let’s Talk Culture and Leadership

Gather your leadership team for a 60-90 minute interactive and engaging conversation around the integration of culture and leadership. This is a prepared presentation with a focus on interaction and self-discovery. Your team will come away with a clear picture of the possibilities of creating a dynamic and high-impact culture. Possibilities that include both a transformational work experience for employees and customers who will be delighted with unparalleled customer value.


$250 plus books for each member of the team. Each book is personally autographed. Group discounts and free shipping may apply.

Using the Baldrige framework we know that hardwired systems drive results. However, it was not until I read Leveraging The Genetics of Leadership did I consider leadership as a system that would drive organizational engagement results. My goal after reading this book will be to build an elite and exceptional experience for every employee on my team. Dan’s book is a must-read for my entire leadership team.

Susan Stuart, CEO