Custom Engineer Your Organization’s Culture DNA.

Building Organizational Culture

Your cultural DNA is the best competitive advantage you will ever have. Organizational culture reflects the employee experience, the customer experience, core values, the value delivered to your customers, and ultimately your brand. Your culture is yours, and no one can imitate it better than you!

Smart organizations are realizing inspirational leadership can help build culture, but it cannot sustain it. Therefore, they are building their cultures by designing their systems of leadership.

Our Approach to Culture Building Consulting

Our approach to consulting with our clients can best be described as, facilitated self-discovery. By using the visual tools of storyboarding, mind mapping, and group facilitation, we guide you through a process where you will discover what culture and system of leadership will work best for you. Because we start with a thorough assessment of your organization and culture, we work with our clients to create a road map from where ever you are, to where you want to go.

How To Build Your Organizational Culture

  1. Determine your business need

    From the customer’s perspective, what do they need from you and your team? Maybe it is higher quality or better customer service. This may vary by industry. In healthcare, quality might be understood as safety. In manufacturing, customer service might be understood as the total value delivered. Whatever it is, we begin here.

  2. Identify the employee experience

    This too is going to be different for each organization. From our experience, the employee experience can focus on relationship, respect, team, collaboration, physical safety, psychological safety, kindness, and even love. You might consider this the heart of the leadership system

  3. Become a deliberately developmental organization

    Every organization has three key resources, people, money, and knowledge. Smart organizations understand that each one holds a key to delivering more value to the customer.

  4. Identify the practices of leadership

    Culture and leadership can be understood as a series of roles, routine, rules, and patterns of behavior. Each of these needs to be identified, and built into the standard work of very leader.

  5. Measure the culture, measure the system

    We believe in the old adage, what gets measured, is what gets done. We believe that leadership is responsible for the creation of culture, therefore, part of the metrics for leadership is the culture

We are now organizing our “nuts and bolts” team with associated workgroups focused on the Baldrige Quality Criteria. Our customer group has already begun our approach to use of social media, now in early deployment I would highly recommend this offering to anyone seeking Baldrige or even considering a journey to excellence

Eileen Branscome Chief Operations Officer, Mason General Hospital

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