We focus our consulting practice on the design of courageous cultures. This begins with the leadership system. Every organization has one. The only question is this: is your system of leadership intentionally designed to create a culture of courage? Elite organizations of sustainable high-impact design theirs. This is an approach that has proven to turn average organizations into elite organizations of excellence – fast. It is the difference between developing great leaders or developing a great workforce. This is the future of leadership.

Innovating the Practice of Leadership

Keynote – The Future of Leadership

Dan Edds speaks with passion and clarity. His book, Leveraging the Genetic of Leadership, cracking the code of sustainable team performance, has been endorsed by experts worldwide as the future of leadership.

If you want someone to speak about leadership development there are thousands to choose from. If you want someone to speak about designing cultures of courage, engagement, and daily innovation there is one. Dan is available to speak to your virtual workshop, association chapter, or annual conference.

Custom engineering organizational DNA to create unique systems of leadership

Designing Courageous Cultures – The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

How would you like to spark a massive transformational movement that will drive your organization? It will be a movement that will generate massive growth in employee engagement and customer value.

Is Your Organization Characterized By:

1: High Employee Engagement?

2: High Innovation?

3: High Collaboration?

4: A Flourishing Workforce?

Unless you can say yes to each of these, then there is a high probability that your employees are working in fear, do not feel valued or appreciated, contribute little to innovation, and feel disrespected.

By contacting today, you can begin your journey to transforming your organization characterized by:

  1. High employee engagement.
  2. Daily innovation.
  3. High collaboration.

The fourth characterization is the most important. Human flourishing. Are your people flourishing? Both professionally and personally? Are they growing and developing into better, more self-confident, and self-empowered human beings.

Assessing the results of organizational leadership

Implementating a Courageous Culture

Desinging a culture through the leadership system is one thing. Implementing it is another. You will be asking individual leaders to lead differently. You will be asking them to give power away so that employees can be empowered. For some leaders, this idea is terrorizing.

The journey will have bumps along the way. Some leaders will not be able to accept the fact that their personal behaviors matter in building an inclusive and courageous culture. Others have achieved their status by being great problem solvers. They may have to give up problem-solving for mentoring their staff in how to solve problems.

Consider this part of the journey as “tough love”. But it will ultimately create a powerful, dynamic, and courageous culture and a workforce that loves coming to work.

Additional Services

Baldridge “Rapid Access” Consulting

For a first-time applicant, it can take nearly a year to write an application, have the examiners review and grade it, and see the results. Working in conjunction with Performance Excellence Northwest, a Baldridge Alliance member, we have designed a way to jump-start your Baldrige Journey. Rapid Access Baldrige gives you and your leadership team a process of self-discovery through the Baldridge framework. Instead of a year, you will be on your way to excellence within a week.

Balanced Scorecard Design and Implementation

Dan Edds is a KaplanNorton Balanced Scorecard graduate. This means he has the most extensive training and qualifications there is in the design of a Balanced Scorecard.

This book is a gift for any leader who has been given the stewardship to lead, but doesn’t know how to approach it. A wonderful contribution to the leadership literature!”

Timothy R. Clark, PhD, Author of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation

Let’s build something together.