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Making Workforce Engagement Strategic

53% Of the workforce is nonengaged. 13% Is actively sabotaging their workplace. 51% Of the workforce is actively looking for a new job. Gallup also reports that 70% of employee engagement can be attributed to the manager. Yet nationally, we spend an estimated $50 Billion on developing better leaders and managers. Still, as Jeffrey Pfeffer…

Why Elite Organizations Design Their System of Leadership

Elite organizations do not leave the critically important function of leadership up to the good will of a few. They intentionally design their system of leadership to give them the best opportunity of achieving their business objectives.

Why Elite Organizations Have a Passion for Engagement

1999 David Marquet took command of the USS Santa Fe. The platform of his leadership was superior technical competency. Unfortunately, the Santa Fe was a ship for which he had no superior competency. Therefore, he was forced to design a new system of leadership. One that would engage the entire crew to be leaders.

Can a System of Organizational Leadership be Measured?

In a well-written article published by Deloitte Insights (June 20, 2019) by the same title, the authors outline the value of measuring the human experience beyond that of the customer to include the workforce and stakeholders. The authors quote four Deloitte leaders: “It would be wonderful if we could have a common framework that applies…