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Servant Leadership: Nine Steps to The Ultimate Transforming Culture

A system of excellence

The Promise of Servant Leadership Servant Leadership is defined as “a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations, and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.“ (Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership.) This definition offers an audacious claim – “a more just and caring world.” Can it deliver…

Workforce Engagement Strategies of High Impact Teams

Six Employee Engagement Strategies Of High-Impact Organizations Two broad assumptions form the foundation for modern workforce engagement strategies. First, workforce engagement is the responsibility of every employee. it is the responsibility of the employee to arrive at work excited to give their best. If they don’t, remediation is required. The second assumption is that workforce…

Employee Engagement Strategies

uss santa fe rises to the challenge

1999 David Marquet took command of the USS Santa Fe. The platform of his leadership was superior technical competency. Unfortunately, the Santa Fe was a ship for which he had no superior competency. Therefore, he was forced to design a new system of leadership. One that would engage the entire crew to be leaders.