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Application of leadership to systems thinking and theory

When Core Values Drive the System of Leadership

I spoke with Gerald Midgley, Professor of Systems Thinking at the Centre for Systems Studies, Business School, University of Hull, UK. He had given me the honor of reviewing my book, Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership. One of his first questions was this, “how does your model of a leadership system account for organizational values?”…

Dawn of the Leadership System

It is time to think about love in the same breath with leadership. It is word we don’t use too often, especially in a fast passed technology driven, competitive market. Yet when leaders of world class organizations speak of love, it is time we start paying attention.

Why Elite Organizations Design Routines

They are to so simple; we overlook them. In our technical sophistication, we assume anything routine should be changed. Yet we are all creatures of habits and routines. Charles Duhigg, in his book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business discovered the power of simple routines. He calls…

How Elite Organizations Maintain a Competitive Edge

Scaling Leadership I had finished a tour of a manufacturing company. They design and manufacture custom commercial and retail furniture. Their size prohibits them from being a household name, but many of their customers are well known globally. What I had witnessed was breathtaking and pure inspiration. We put a lot of trust on first…

Why Elite Organizations Design Their System of Leadership

Elite organizations do not leave the critically important function of leadership up to the good will of a few. They intentionally design their system of leadership to give them the best opportunity of achieving their business objectives.

Can a System of Organizational Leadership be Measured?

In a well-written article published by Deloitte Insights (June 20, 2019) by the same title, the authors outline the value of measuring the human experience beyond that of the customer to include the workforce and stakeholders. The authors quote four Deloitte leaders: “It would be wonderful if we could have a common framework that applies…