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How to Create a Culture of Courage

High impact organizations intentionally create a culture of courage. These elite organizations are unafraid of employees who think boldly. In fact, they thrive on a workforce that is unafraid to speak up and question norms. Organizations that can create a culture of courage are the innovators. In contrast, mediocre organizations, rely on a select few…

Workforce Engagement Strategies of High Impact Teams

Two broad assumptions form the foundation for modern workforce engagement strategies. First, workforce engagement is the responsibility of every employee. They should come to work excited to give their best. If they don’t, remediation is required. The second assumption is that workforce engagement is the leader’s responsibility, and it is up to her to design…

Leadership Principles and Values Essential for Millennials

Leadership principles and values have been a subject for discussion since Aristotle. Every writer has their top ten leadership principles and values considered essential for effective leadership. However, the real question is not what they are, but do they mean anything? In the heat of competitive battle, do leadership principles and values get in the…

Human Centric Leadership – Core of Innovation

institutionalizing leadership excellence

It is time to think about love in the same breath with leadership. It is word we don’t use too often, especially in a fast passed technology driven, competitive market. Yet when leaders of world class organizations speak of love, it is time we start paying attention.