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Employee Engagement Strategies

uss santa fe rises to the challenge

1999 David Marquet took command of the USS Santa Fe. The platform of his leadership was superior technical competency. Unfortunately, the Santa Fe was a ship for which he had no superior competency. Therefore, he was forced to design a new system of leadership. One that would engage the entire crew to be leaders.

Measuring the System of Leadership

People development

Someone famously said, “what gets measured gets done.” If this is true, then every organization should have a process for measuring its system of leadership. Since leaders are primarily responsible for the employee experience, this should be a significant opportunity for analysis. In a well-written article published by Deloitte Insights (June 20, 2019) by the…

What is a System of Leadership – Designing a High Impact Culture

As I started doing the research for the book, Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership, I was looking for evidence of leadership systems. Which obviously meant I had to know what is a system of leadership? It also meant that I had to recognize a system of leadership if I saw one. However, I also wanted…

How To Engage Employees For Maximum Impact?

Human flourishing in the workplace

How to engage employees is one of the most critical topics in business literature. When Gallup calculates the economic value of a highly engaged workforce, we all want to know how to do it. However, after reading an article by By Todd Nordstrom, I wonder if we are asking the wrong question. Todd states: Engagement…