The Dawn of the Leadership System

Why do some organizations always deliver unparalleled customer value? One of their ingredients is a leadership system, custom-designed to engage their workforce. These are systems that provide the organization with the best opportunity to succeed. But also the best opportunity for the employees to flourish.

Gary Hamel points out everything we know about leadership was set in place when Henry Ford was rolling Model T’s off his assembly line. In this era, the average worker was lucky if they had graduated from high school.

The Future of Leadership

Millennials represent the best-educated generation to have ever entered the workforce. They are not interested in bosses, but they are interested in growth, mentors, coaches, conversations, and engagement. Millennials are confident enough and smart enough to walk if they don’t receive what they need or want. Capturing their loyalty requires more than a competitive salary and a few corporate trinkets. What they require are new leadership systems that recognize their voice and the value they add. Giving them the kind of experience they are looking for will require more than talking to individual leaders and managers. Instead, it will require a leadership system where every leader and manager is trained and coached in how to provide millennials the kind of experience they seek.

Innovating – the Leadership System

Organizations worldwide are desperate for innovators. Every time a human is walking in the door, the essential human capacity for innovation and creativity walks in with them at no additional cost. Unfortunately, outdated follow the leader models leadership are wasting these opportunities.

Innovating the Future of Leadership

Every years, we invest $ Billions into developing better leaders. Yet 66% Of the national workforce is either “NON-engaged” or “ACTIVELY- disengaged. These employees either do NOT participate in innovation, or they sabotage it. Most organizations are just OK with this. Too bad because they are wasting enormous human capacity and potential. Deming once said, “A bad system will be a good person every time.” Therefore, start designing better leadership systems.

Join the Team, Together We Can Revolutionize this Thing Called Leadership