Let’s be clear. We do are not in the business of leadership development. We are, in the business of developing leadership systems. This is an approach that has proven to turn average organizations into elite organizations of excellence – fast. It is the difference between developing great leaders or developing a great workforce. This is the future of leadership.

Innovating the Practice of Leadership

Keynote – The Future of Leadership

Dan Edds speaks with passion and clarity. His book, Leveraging the Genetic of Leadership, cracking the code of sustainable team performance, has been endorsed by experts worldwide as the future of leadership.

If you want someone to speak about leadership development their are thousands to choose from. If you want someone to speak about developing great systems, the future of leadership, there is one. Dan is available to speak to your virtual workshop, association chapter, or annual conference.

Custom engineering organizational DNA to create unique systems of leadership

Designing the Leadership System

After twenty-five years of management consulting, Dan Edds has developed a user friendly and facilitative approach to leadership coaching and consulting. This approach captures the wisdom and experience of the team. This is an essential approach to creating a custom designed system of leadership.

Dan will lead your team through a designed process that will result in a designed system of leadership that is implemented throughout your organization.

Assessing the results of organizational leadership

Assessing the Leadership System

Every organization has a system of leadership. The question is this, has it been designed or has it evolved over time so it looks like one of those reality TV shows that profiles hoarders? Using the Malcom Baldrige Quality Framework, the “gold standard” of organizational excellence, we will provide a thorough assessment of your leadership system. This assessment will provide a clear path to moving forward in your journey to excellence.

This assessment has immediate benefit for those who have already started on their Baldrige journey.

This book is a gift for any leader who has been given the stewardship to lead, but doesn’t know how to approach it. A wonderful contribution to the leadership literature!”

Timothy R. Clark, PhD, Author of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation

Let’s build something together.