Innovating Leadership

Innovating leadership into a designed organizational system is how high impact organizations are recreating the world of work, engaging their employees, creating cultures of courage and innovating, and generating unparalleled customer value.

Leadership: Its a System Not a Person

Effective leadership is about reliance on a well-constructed,
continuously improving the system that long outlives any leader,
no matter how dynamic…. It’s really about how the whole
the system holds together, and every single leader is committed
to and expected to follow the standards.”
— Sarah Patterson, Executive Director, Virginia Mason Institute

Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership, cracking the code of sustainable team performance demonstrates how elite level organizations are challenging conventional follow the leader models of leadership. By innovating leadership into a designed organizational system, leadership can be independent of a charismatic and visionary leader.

High performing organizations innovate leadership

How Elite Organization are Innovating Leadership

I’m sitting across a table from an elementary school principal. Outside her door, 450 school children are streaming into the school for one of the last days of class before summer recess. I explained that I wanted to understand her approach to leadership. “Leadership, I don’t know anything about leadership.” She then went on to describe the eloquent system of leadership I found. A system uniquely designed to produce a collaborative working experience for the entire staff.

Within five years, this school had gone from failing and among the lowest schools in the district to the highest. Then they took it up another notch and became the only school to close the achievement gap. A monumental achievement.

Harnessing the power of Systems thinking

Innovating Leadership to Engage the Entire Workforce

According to recent Gallup research, 66% of the National workforce is not fully engaged with their work. In simple terms, they are not psychological owners. Practically, they go to work, do their job, and go home. Other than a paycheck, their job means little to them.

Gallup also reports that half the workforce and six out of ten millennials are actively looking for a new job at any given time.

Gallup also reports that organizations with the highest levels of employee engagement enjoy more profit, greater customer satisfaction, lower errors, and greater market share. This is leading may researchers to conclude that engaging the workforce represents the single greatest opportunity to drive economic growth.

Leadership By design or evolution?

Videos– Systems of Leadership

Short white-board animation videos that visually demonstrate the research and the concept.

Dr. Gerald Midgley

An organization becomes effective because it works as a system—a set of functional parts interacting to achieve a purpose, and leadership is one such necessary part. Indeed, what if leadership itself is a system—a subsystem of the wider organization. If leadership is a system, engaged in relationships with other systems to create a high-performing, purposeful whole, it means that anybody with integrity and a reasonable level of emotional intelligence can learn how to lead.

Gerald Midgley, Professor of Systems Thinking, Centre for Systems Studies, Business School, University of Hull, UK and 2013-2014 President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences

It is Time We Innovate the Practice of Leadership

Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership is revolutionary. It shifts our paradigm from looking at leadership as a discrete personal choice, to leadership as a system that can be understood and designed to give the desired output for any organization. What reading this book has done for me is to articulate how organizations can harness leadership, consistently and continuously, by looking at it as a system.
— Elekanyani Ndlovu – Energy Sector Senior Executive, Professional Electrical Engineer (Pr. Eng), Non Executive Director, Entrepreneur, Systems and Design Thinker – Johannesburg, South Africa

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