The Dawn of the Leadership System

Everything we know about leadership and management today was set in place by the time Henry Ford was rolling Model T’s off his assembly line in Detroit, Michigan. The average worker was lucky if they had graduated from high school. Consequently, leadership was “ME motivating YOU to follow Me.”

Today, leadership is still ME motivating YOU to follow ME. Yet, millennial’s represent the best educated generation to have ever entered the workforce. They are not interested in bosses. They are interested in growth, mentors, coaches, conversations, and engagement. They are confident enough and smart enough, that if they don’t receive what they need or want, they walk. However, when they do receive what they are looking for, they are more loyal than their Baby Boomer parents and grandparents.

Innovating Leadership

Organizations world wide are desperate for innovators. Yet every time a human being walks in the door, the basic human capacity for innovation and creativity walks in with them, at no additional cost. It is opportunity that is being wasted because of outdated models of leadership that reward power and position over innovation and creativity.

In spite all of our inspirational rhetoric about human potential, 67% of the national workforce is either “NON-engaged” or “ACTIVELY- disengaged. They either do NOT participate in innovation, or they sabotage it. Apparently, most organizations are just fine with this. Too bad because they are wasting enormous human capacity and potential. It is time to innovate LEADERSHIP.

Join the Team, Together We Can Revolutionize this Thing Called Leadership