System Interconnections

Every leadership system, just like every biological system, has a set of core elements that interconnect in a specific a way that it produces the purpose. The human DNA molecule is made up of simple elements – sugar and phosphate. Yet the way these simple elements connect creates the very foundation of life. A system of organizational leadership does exactly the same thing. It takes a few simple elements but connections them in a specific way to produce a specific purpose.

A system of organizational leadership has three key connection points:

  • Rules;
  • Routines; and
  • Behaviors.

What separates high performing organizations from the average, is that elite organizations intentionally design rules that are meaningful, standard routines that is expected of every leader, and critical behaviors designed reinforce and model the systems purpose.

Case study material will come from the Principal of an elementary school that went from a failing school, to one of the highest performing elementary schools and the only school in the district to close the achievement gap within seven years.

An additional case study will come from an award winning healthcare institution and the CEO who is the only man to have taken three different to the national Malcom Baldrige Quality Award podium.

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