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How Do Organizations That Consistently Perform at Elite Levels Approach the Practice of Leadership?

They do it by custom-engineering an organizational DNA or genetic code that is systemic. Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership reveals this revolutionary new approach to leadership. Daniel Edds documents, through meticulous research, case studies, compelling examples, and personal interviews with leaders of organizations innovating the very foundations of leadership. His research comes from multiple healthcare and manufacturing organizations, the US Military, and an elementary school that went from failing to one of the few to close the achievement gap. You’ve likely read other leadership books. Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership radically innovates traditional models of leadership by rearranging core organizational resources into resources into a designed system. A system that will scale mission, vision, and values across the enterprise.

A system that will create a workforce engaged in creating extraordinary value for all stakeholders. The result is unparalleled organizational performance that makes customers line up at your door.
In these pages, you will learn how elite organizations:
• Engage their entire workforce in creating customer value
• Custom-engineer their leadership DNA or genetic code
• Create a workforce that becomes their biggest ambassadors
• Design rules, routines, and organizational habits that will ignite innovation

Traditional books on leadership strive to create courageous leaders who will attract followers. Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership will show you how to create a courageous workforce who will attract customers. The result is unparalleled performance and a workforce that grows into confident and empowered human beings. It all begins when you learn how to leverage the genetics of leadership.

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For over 35 years of healthcare experience I have had a front row seat to what drives the delivery of quality healthcare. I’ve seen what works and what does not work. I had the opportunity to preview an early draft and I felt then and even more so now, that of Leveraging the Genetics Leadership is a must read for anyone healthcare leadership. Dan’s concept of leadership as a designed organizational system has the potential of a total transformation in our industry.
— Tom Snyder, RN, BSN, MBA, CLSSBB, FACHE, Principal at AddPrana, Health System Quality Leader, and Baldrige National Examiner.

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