Strategic Employee Engagement – Path to Excellence

One way elite organizations, capture high levels of employee engagement is by designing their employee engagement strategies. In doing so, they make engagement a strategic priority. In doing so, they benefit from the raw power of strategic employee engagement. However, average organizations have no such power at their disposal. In these mediocre organizations, only 53% of the workforce is non-engaged. 13% Is actively sabotaging their workplace. In addition, 51% of employees are actively looking for a new job. Gallup also reports that 70% of employee engagement can be attributed to the manager. Elite organizations understand this and design systems of leadership to build these critical relationships. When they do this, levels of employee engagement rise to 70%. These are the organizations that are harnessing the power of strategic employee engagement.

Designing the System for Strategic Employee Engagement

Deming famously said, “A bad system will beat a good person every time.” If this is true, then the opportunity is to design systems that will strategically engage the workforce. As it turns out, those organizations that enjoy engagement numbers in the 70% range do precisely this, and they do it through designed systems of leadership.

For example, Don Chalmers Ford, is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When compared to all 5,000 Ford Dealerships, it is consistently ranked as either the best or among the best to work for. How do they do this? They have designed their employee engagement strategy, strategically by making it strategic priority. Doing so means they have elevated it to a strategic advantage. In virtually every category, Don Chalmers Ford beats out their competition simply because of their workforce. In their 2016 National Baldrige Application, (the nation’s highest award for excellence), they state, “Comprehensive and critical workforce engagement…is at the core of DCF’s (Don Chalmers Ford) integrated strategic planning system.” In simple terms, Don Chalmers Ford is building the engagement of its employees into the development of its business strategy.